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  • Honeycomb Gel Cushion
  • Honeycomb Gel Cushion
  • Honeycomb Gel Cushion
  • Honeycomb Gel Cushion
  • Honeycomb Gel Cushion
  • Honeycomb Gel Cushion
  • Honeycomb Gel Cushion
  • Honeycomb Gel Cushion
  • Honeycomb Gel Cushion
  • Honeycomb Gel Cushion
  • Honeycomb Gel Cushion
  • Honeycomb Gel Cushion

Honeycomb Gel Cushion

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Sit Healthier for long hours Painfree and comfortably

Sitting for long periods puts enormous pressure on our lower back & spine. Say goodbye to aches and discover ultimate sitting comfort with the Honeycomb Gel Cushion™.

NOTE- Currently We have few items on stocks due to high demand, so Order Quick.

Designed with Hyper-Elastic Gel Polymer construction to promote excellent circulation for long hours in an office chair, car, wheelchair, bench or plane seat. Highly recommended by Chiropractors and Orthopaedic Specialists with over 1,000 units sold.

We guarantee  that you will get the results you want or we will refund your money-back guaranteed. 


IMPROVE BLOOD FLOW- Conforms to your body shape and reduces pressure on critical areas, significantly improving blood flow to the legs and feet.

CORRECT POSTURE- Provides optimal support to your lower back and spine, promoting healthy posture and preventing aches. 

ERGONOMIC DESIGN- Honeycomb design keeps the cushion cool without compromising comfort. No more seat sweat!

Perfect for home, office, & vehicle use. Each cushion includes a black protective cover. Fits nearly all chair pads (16.0" X 13.5").

PREMIUM QUALITY- Made with medical-grade gel to retain the original shape and to offer maximum comfort.


Use Honeycomb Gel Cushion everyday when you are sitting / working for long hours.

Not only does it deliver instant relief, but you can see lasting results after daily usage. 

Use it while working,sitting, or even relaxing -- no need to disrupt your daily schedule!


Sitting for long period of time puts pressure on your tailbone and hips. The Honeycomb's soft cushion flexes and absorb pressure points thus giving you a soft and comfortable feel.

The Honeycomb design allows air to circulate underneath and keeps you away from sweat and keeps you fresh.

  • Absorbs pressure points
  • Allows proper air circulation
  • Retains shape
  • Strong & durable design
  • Made of ultra-flex polymer
  • Unique honeycomb construction


QHow long until it starts to wear out?
A: Years, we have not had a customer come to us and say it has lost its support.

Q Does it matter if I'm a larger person?
A: Not at all, this supports all weights.

Q: If my chair/ wheelchair is small, can I cut it?
A: Yes, you can cut it to fit any chair & it will not lose it's strength.

Q: How can I clean this?
A: You remove the cover and wash it, the gel cushion it waterproof so you can run it under warm water to clean.


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